can’t the newsletter just be online?

According to the office of national statistics. In 2020 it identifies that not everyone has the internet. Whilst the statistics vary considerably by age group and by additional needs, there is clearly a number of people who don’t have internet access.

There are also a number of people who do have access to the internet but prefer to do their reading on paper.

We’re never going to please everyone, but we do want to give everyone the opportunity to read it if they want to.


Distribution coverage

Residential properties across Wilstock, Stockmoor and part of North Petherton (central) have a monthly delivery.

If for any reason you don’t wish to have a copy of the newsletter the volunteers will respect the sign that requests no unsolicited mail as long as it is clearly visible. No reason needs to be given to refuse the newsletter but please be polite to distributors.


To become a distributor you must be aged 18+ years.

For each area (Wilstock, Stockmoor & North Petherton) there is a lead distributor who will help you get started.

Join our group for volunteer distributors on  Facebook


The Newsletter is a monthly publication and is being delivered to homes within the first 7 days of the month by volunteers.

Our Distribution in Numbers

We are expanding our distribution network

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Residential Coverage 

(Correct as of March 2021)

North Petherton
North Newton



TA5 2GL, 15, Angelica Drive

TA5 2SA, 6, Aster Close

TA5 2LN, 3, Acacia Walk

TA5 2SB, 17, Azalea Drive

TA5 2GP, 31, Barberry Drive

TA5 2GX, 7, Bilberry Lane

TA5 2DB, 4, Bluebell Drive

TA5 2FT, 9, Bramble Road

TA5 2FW, 24, Bramble Road

TA5 2FX, 6, Bramble Road

TA5 2FR, 26, Bugle Way

TA5 2EU, 5, Buttercup Walk

TA5 2SE, 3, Belis Avenue

TA5 2SD, 10, Cosmos Drive

TA5 2EZ ,36, Campion Way

TA5 2FA, 12, Campion Way

TA5 2FB, 47, Campion Way

????, Carnation Drive

TA5 2RN, 6, Cassia Close

TA5 2EY, 24, Clover Way

TA5 2GR, 14, Cornflower Close

TA5 2GS, 8, Cristata Way

TA5 2FP, 17, Daisy Close

TA5 2GN, 11, Dewberry Avenue

??, ??, Fig Tree Crescent

TA5 2BZ, 11, Foxglove Walk

TA5 2LL, 3, Forsythia Walk

TA5 2LQ, 2, Gardenia Walk

TA5 2GY, 7, Hollyhock Close

TA5 2GE, 10, Jasmine Close

TA5 2GT, 4, Korresia Walk

TA5 2FE, 13, Larkspur Road

TA5 2GU, 4, Lavender Walk

TA5 2GH & TA5 2GG, 100, Lilliana Way

TA5 2GD, 24, Lotus Drive

TA5 2FG, 16, Lucerne Crescent

??, ??, Lupid Drive

TA5 2RQ, 8, Maranta Court

??, ??, Marigold Road

TA5 2RW, 4, Milla Court

TA5 2RT, 8, Nolana Court

TA5 2JF, 12, Octavia Close

TA5 2EX, 3, Orchid Way

TA5 2ES, 2, Poppy Walk

TA5 2FQ, 6, Pennycress Way

TA5 2FY, 3, Primrose Walk

TA5 2RS, 10, Pyrus Walk

TA5 2GW, 3, Roberta Walk

TA5 2GJ, 14, Rosa Way

TA5 2FF, 5, Samphire Walk

TA5 2RU, 6, Senna Close

TA5 2GZ, 19, Snowberry Close

TA5 2GA, 12, Sorrel Drive

TA5 2GB, 8, Sorrel Drive

TA5 2BX, 48, Sorrel Drive

TA5 2DA, 3, Tansey Court

TA5 2BY, 5, Teasel Path

TA5 2GF ,5, Verbana Walk

TA5 2FG, 5, Vetchling Path

TA5 2RR, 25, Wilstock Way

TA5 2FJ, 5, Bullrush Path

TA5 2RP, 4, Nepeta Walk

#, 5, Daffodil Place

#, #, Begonia Drive


Angus Way (TA6 6GE, 6) 

Belmont Court (TA6 6XS, 8)

Breton Close (TA6 6FY, 5)

Carolina Close (TA6 6XU, 6)

Carpathian Way (TA6 6DQ, 13)

Catalana Way (TA6 6WJ, 15)

Channi Drive (TA6 6XE, 31)

Chantilliy Walk (TA6 6XT, 10)

Charbray Road (TA6 6GF, 6)

Charford Court (TA6 6FZ, 1)

Charolais Drive (TA6 6EX, 30)

Cheviot Street (TA6 6EY, 26)

Chillingham Drove (TA6 6GB, 47) 

Citrine Close (TA6 6XJ, 8) 

Connemara Street (TA5 6WZ, 10) 

Cotswold Way (TA6 6FJ, 3)

Cotton Patch Walk (TA6 6GS, 22)

Dexter Walk (TA6 6FR, 6)

Embden Walk (TA6 6GG, 7)

Esperia Drive (TA6 6XQ, 14)

Faroe Walk (TA6 6FX, 12)

Gorki Close (TA6 6GP, 2)

Hatton Court (TA6 6GD, 2)

Harlequin Court (TA6 6GX, 3)

Indigo Walk (TA6 6XL, 6)

Ivory Road (TA6 6XG, 17)

Jutland Walk (TA6 6FL, 6)

Kerry Close (TA6 6EZ, 3)

Kiko Drive (TA6 6XF, 8)

Kinder Way (TA6 6GH, 8)

Limousin Way (TA6 6GR, 33)

Longhorn Drive (TA6 6FT, 5)

Losino Close (TA6 6YN, 3)

Merino Way (TA6 6WH, 34) 

Merino Way (TA6 6WG, 9)

Muscovy Drive (TA6 6FB, 7)

Navarrin Close (TA6 6XW, 12)

Nokoto Drive (TA6 6WW, 16) 

Nokoto Drive (TA6 6WT, 19)

Olive Way (TA6 6XN, 14)

Orkney Close (TA6 6FD, 5)

Phoebe Walk (TA6 6XH, 3)

Romney Road (TA6 6WQ, 41)

Ryland Walk (TA6 6FE, 5)

Sable Drive (TA6 6DG, 5)

Sandalwood Ride (TA6 6F, 36)

Savannah Drive (TA6 6WP, 35)

Saxony Place (TA6 6GL, 9)

Scania Close (TA6 6GQ, 5)

Shetland Court (TA6 6GA, 2)

Shire Street (TA6 6FQ, 16)

Shire Street (TA6 6FS, 10)

Sika Walk (TA6 6WR, 7)

Simmental Street (TA6 6FW, 30)

Smalens Close (TA6 6GW, 4)

Stockmoor Drive (TA6 6AH, 79)

Stockmoor Drive (TA6 6GJ, 19)

Stockmoor Lodge (TA6, 82 residents)

Sultan Court (TA6 6GU, 2)

Teeswater Walk (TA6 6FG, 25)

Tokaro Close (TA6 6XR, 11)

Tori Green (TA6 6FN, 7)

Toulouse Road (TA6 6GN, 26)

Tuli Walk (TA6 6FP, 7)

Tundra Walk (TA6 6FH, 26)

Garganey Drive (TA6 6XZ, 12)

Vienna Way (??, 13)

Wigeon Road (TA6 6YP, 20)


Route NP1: 114 (CB)

Baymead Close
Broadlands Avenue
Meade Close
Parkfield Close
Princess Close
St Mary’s Crescent
Sunnybrow Close

Route NP2: 163 (ML)

Crosswell Close
Dyers Green

Mill Street
Newton Road
Rectory Close
The Beeches

Route NP3: 86 (MB & CC)

Baymead Meadow
Beggs Close
McCreath Close

Route NP4: 186 (DS)

Daws Lane
Hyde Park

Portman Crescent
Portman Drive
Portman Road
Shovel Lane
Tappers Lane

Route NP5: 48 (LM)

Heathfield Close
Hyde Park Avenue

Route NP6: 147 (WB)

Mill Bay
Watery lane
Quantock Close
Quantock Parade
Pilot’s helm

Route NP7: 145 (DB)

Butts Corner
North Street
Old Road
Clare Street
Queen Street
Chaucer Close

No Coverage

Alder Close
Baymead Lane
Bindind Close
Blackthorn Close
Bridgwater Road
Brook Close
Canns Lane
Church Walk
Clarence Drive
CLiff Road
Dancing Hill
Ellen CLose
Fore Street
Hardings Close
High Street
Holly CLose
Hulkshay Lane
Ivors Way
King Alfred Close
Lindsey Crescent
Maple Close
Melcombe Lane
Milestone Close
Orchard Close
Parkers Field
Rogers Close
School Fields
School Lane
Whiting Lane


Route NN1: 140 (WB)

Newton Road
Petherton Road
Church Road
Brook Street
Maunsel Road
Tuckerton Lane

(GDPR: This information has been gathered from a publicly available source and doesn’t identify any individual. Please be aware that the ‘number of homes’ and the highest house number on that road may not correlate, for example – most roads don’t have a number 13 or may have more even than odd numbers or more odd than even numbers.)

If you spot data is incorrect, please drop us an email!