Anyone who is unable to visit a library can receive a free home library service. We can deliver books for […]
Saving food from landfill and feeding our local community.  During the Covid-19 pandemic a number of families have struggled and […]
Wilstock and Stockmoor looked brilliantly lit with decorations all through December.  In addition, many creative people joined in the community […]
There are currently 527 children in Somerset who are not able to live with their parents and are “in care”. […]
Kristelle Champion who runs the Muddy Boots Gardening Project, along with Jazmine Champion and Lilly-May Cosens (all in the same […]
Ben’s Property Blog Pleased to meet you, Mr Jones! You know the day’s not going to turn out well when […]
More support than ever before for Carers!   We have some exciting service news for you! We have joined our Carers […]
from Sedgemoor District Council Sedgemoor District Council’s Parks and Open Spaces leader recently met with the new Adoptions manager from […]
In 2015, I became a Trustee of a very special charity called Headway Somerset, who support individuals with brain injuries […]
Cyber-bullying is when a person is the victim of a deliberate and persistent harassment or abuse using technology. An isolated […]