Anyone who is unable to visit a library can receive a free home library service. We can deliver books for […]
I look out of my patio doors and see 26 Goldfinches squabbling over the feeders, 2 Blackbirds eating berries, 8 […]
This last year has brought a big increase in people using our local public footpath network. There are some great […]
Due to our current lockdown sadly little is happening locally. The new play area and outdoor gym in North Petherton remains […]
Community News On 11th January, Wilstock News attended the NPTC council meeting. The meeting started with a presentation of the […]
Whether you are dealing with the death of a loved one, or planning ahead to ensure peace of mind, Wallace […]
Saving food from landfill and feeding our local community.  During the Covid-19 pandemic a number of families have struggled and […]
Wilstock and Stockmoor looked brilliantly lit with decorations all through December.  In addition, many creative people joined in the community […]
There are currently 527 children in Somerset who are not able to live with their parents and are “in care”. […]
One of the most common areas that people come to see me about this time of year is Seasonal Affective Disorder […]